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Ask that-yandere-shit a question #i totally wasnt listening to 6ix the musical writing this #ciel phantomhive #ciel phantomhive x reader #x reader #yandere ciel #yandere ciel phantomhive #yandere ciel x reader #yandere #yandere x reader. Alois' head gets sploded though, so he doesnt get a fancy funeral. love, wattys2016, sebastian. Read Portrait-Yandere! Ciel x Reader from the story Yandere Male x Reader (Book 1) by ImaTruefan with 2,431 reads. nogamenoli. You two were currently in ciel's study and lets just say one hell of a butler could come in at any second. Requested by Sebastian Michaelis In this story you are a maid, working for the Phantomhive estate~ PLAY WITH STORY: REQUESTED SONG ~~~~~ Your P. AkatsukiWife. Ciel finds her bloody and finds the note that she left. UPDATED CIEL!! 135. Ciel x Reader (Lemon) - Wattpad. Flipped and Black and White gifs of Ciel are supposed to be you! Hey guys, so this book is on chapter 7 currently as I post this video. And as Ciel was nearing the building, his eyes went dark as fire raged in his heart as he saw a female-ish male approach his beloved. "Thank you. yandere x reader lemon. Devils Curse (Ciel x Reader) Fan Fiction Trailer. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. an x reader lemon hey guys this is an 18 and over zone so make sure to read this with your church but if you dont want to be exposed to porn so get out cause. Instead of what you expected Ciel to do, which was leave the room quickly and quietly, he walks up to you and puts his hand on your shoulder. 5K 168 27 Hints- he is a yandere she hates him at first but years later falls in love with him murder is included and i probably will make a lemons. " Ciel makes you scrub his floors 'until they sparkle', so you do as your told. com/jaythafangurl Follow my Tumblr: https://jayfangirlfanatic. ' And that is when Ciel Phantomhive decided that he will do anything for his senpai, Sebastian Michaelis. He looks like he could throw up at any point now. You two were currently in ciel's study and lets just say one hell of a butler could come in at any second. "Very nice to meet you madam" said Sebastian. Me and Ciel were happy together, for a while. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. (Yandere!Ciel Phantomhive x Female Reader) You miss her. "You saved me there," He begins. His fingers trailed down your bare back achingly slow. To support your family, you become a maid. 7 Yandere sugerberry x OC reader part 1. He unhooked the corset from your frame, tossing it to the floor. Your father was an extremely successful businessman, your mother was known worldwide for her charitable actions and then there was you, their only child. " (Y/N) said to the blonde sitting across from her. Free X Reader Lemons Makoto X Reader Wattpad Seven Deadly Sins Yandere Sasuke X Reader Lust Part Of A One Don T Comfort Me Don T Pity Me Yandere Ciel X Reader Story. Omg i was at my friends house watching black butler season 2 and Ciel and Lizzy held hands and i literallly yelled NO! and threw the pillow i was holding across the room almost hitting my friend in the face I agree cereal guy, Ciel IS hawt OwO sans x reader lemon - : Yahoo Canada Image Search Results. Download Source: Ciel X Reader Lemon,. ciel phantomhive Older!Ciel sebastian michaelis ciel x reader ciel phantomhive x reader black butler kuroshitsuji angst demonic possesion tw:implied suicide death demons demon butler Earl Phantomhive angst with no happy ending romance enjoy tw:graphic death emotional distraught. yandere x reader wattpad. You were more sophisticated and serious while the blonde why very childish and hyper. Male X Reader Wattpad. Why did I read this thinking Ciel was a stubborn baby and Sebastian was just sassy sayin no XD<<